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Comments from Spring 2006

Allison Finkle -Course Comments

 I thought that this was an awesome class. I had heard great things about your teaching methods from friends who have taken the class along with other professors at Touro. At first I was a little apprehensive because I saw a lot of assignments that needed to be done and I was taking 4 other classes. To be honest, a lot of the work I have done at Touro has been busy work that really did not teach me much. Writing a 10 page paper in my opinion is a waste of time. I never get anything out of doing those assignments besides a headache. I really enjoyed your teaching style and ironically I think I learned more in an on – line class then I have sitting for 3 hours a week in the classroom. All the assignments that you gave had a purpose and related to the course in a creative way. I am all about creativity and making learning fun, as well as showing connections and relationships between various things.

I learned a lot of different things in this class. I have recaptured my understanding of linear equations as well as geometry terms and basic algebra. I have also become familiar with ways to instruct learning in the classroom which is very important for teachers to be familiar with. The concept of differentiated teaching is one that I hope to instill and use in my classroom when the time comes. I had never been introduced to this style of learning before I took this class. I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be able to solve tricky math puzzles like you would lay out on the discussion boards, but hey, at least I tried. What I really learned though is that learning can be fun if you present it in the right way. All your assignments had an enjoyable aspect to them that made them fun to tackle.

I have taken a bunch of on- line classes and they are so tedious. I literally copy word for word out of the textbook the week’s assignments. Its brutal, but, I like taking them because I really enjoy not having to sit though a three hour class. What really made this on- line class different was how assessable you were if we had questions. Other teachers you have to e mail and wait for a potential response. This class had an open discussion board were students can talk to each other and get help as well as contact you and get an immediate response. That helped make the class feel more intimate. I almost felt like I had met you based on various conversations I saw you post on the discussion boards. If this wasn’t my last class at school, I would defiantly take more on-line classes and would hope that it was taught with the same style as this class was.

What I enjoyed most was the video lesson. I love being given opportunities to explore my creative side and see what concepts I can come up with and various ways to teach students. I have always wanted to write songs for children based on different lessons that they are learning at the time. I have not had an opportunity to do so yet since I am not a teacher at the present time. Getting a chance to pretend I was a teaching a class was a great experience. And on top of this, I had played the video for friends who said the song was so catchy they not only found themselves humming it later in the day, but they are now familiar with the order of operations. So you wanted to know if we were proud, I say certainly!

Michael Cohen
Brooklyn, New York 11235                               
      March 12, 2006 

Dear Professor Stein,

            I would like you to know that I found this course to be a worthwhile learning experience. As an educator, it is my responsibility to be as well rounded, informed and up-to-date as possible. This class afforded me the opportunity to explore new concepts and to express my own ideas in relation to various topics. Since this is my fifth online class, I have to admit I wasn’t looking forward to the work. Other online classes that I’ve taken in the past had you read an abundance of articles and texts to simply summarize what you’ve read. The format of your course is quite the opposite. The assignments were diversified, challenging and fun. A lot of the assignments required me to be creative and expressive which, in my opinion, is a key component to learning. Also, all of the expectations of your students are very clear. The web page was easy to follow and understand. At the onset of the course, I found it very easy to fall into a rhythm of doing the work. I can honestly say that I have gotten more out of this course than some courses I’ve taken in person. In closing, I’d like to say that I enjoyed this course and that you’ve made the journey a pleasant and rewarding one.


Anthony P. Finochio

 To Whom It May Concern,

            I learned a great deal from this class about teaching mathematics.  I was under the impression that teaching mathematics was simply teaching students formulas and steps to solving problems before this class.  However, I am now aware that there are a great number of activities and resources to utilize when teaching math.  The technology component I learned from this class will prove to be invaluable.  

            The text book on differentiated instruction also opened my eyes to a number of various approaches to instruction.  It helped me to be more aware of students’ individual differences, and how to instruct students of varied ability in the same classroom.  I was able to apply many of these concepts right away in the classroom I currently work in.

            I am very pleased with this course.  I did not think I would learn as much as I have from an online course.  I was very intimidated at first, but after Professor Stein explained everything to me over the phone it was very easy to follow.  The best part about the course is that the majority of the material I learned is applicable to all subjects, and not just math.  I mostly pleased with the technological aspect to the learning.

            I am very proud with the work that I did in this course.  I really dedicated a lot of time and effort to the work I submitted, and I feel the finished products reflect that.  I was very proud upon completing my portfolio and submitting it.  It truly represented everything I have learned and accomplished.


Anthony P. Finochio

March 15, 2006
Dear Professor Stein, 

            The Principles of Middle School Instruction in Mathematics class was my first experience with an on-line education course.  At first glance, I wondered what I got myself into.  I had no experience with Blackboard technology and this was my first graduate course after a 13 year hiatus from education.  I will say it was a fabulous learning experience and am thrilled my journey started here with you.

            My lack of experience with the Blackboard technology was soon replaced with relevant information and guidance that served as the stepping stone for the course.  A student need only READ the directions to know how to proceed.  If you had questions there were answers.  At times it took more than time to navigate the site in order to know where or how to submit or respond to assignments but again you needed only to slow down and read….it was all there. 

            Drawbacks of the course were probably experienced by students that didn’t apply themselves or work in a timely manner.  My preferred way of learning is to “work” at something and dedicate the time it takes to do that.  I do feel I spent a considerable amount of time on this course alone – my choice, my money, I learned, I win!

            The lesson that required students to prepare a 30-45 second video was challenging.  Thank you for that.  You pushed – I responded.  I learned things I wanted to learn but probably wouldn’t have ~ just yet anyway. 

            Most surprising was the interaction with other students, as much or as little as one wanted. I did not expect that.

            The best part of the course for me was the opportunity to observe “my Professor” with his use of video for instruction and demonstration.  I really applaud the creative edge used here.  Nice job Dan Stein.  I have another online course and have never “seen or heard” the professor ever.  Not my preferred way to experience education and learning.

You provided challenging, fun, creative, interesting, relevant and valuable instruction.           Thank you.

            I do have one question for you, the Professor……..What did you learn?

            I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Linda H Geesler
Future Great Educator 

Crystal Gemma/            EDSE 601 OL    Principles of Mathematics  Course Comments

This was my first online course and even though it was a lot of work I have truly learned a lot. The best thing about this course are all the new ideas and helpful web sites that I now use with my class that I learned about in these passed weeks. Another great thing was how fast the professor and other students were willing to help when there was a problem. This made taking an online course much easier. I was very nervous about taking a math course over the Internet but it was completely successful and I am very pleased and surprise with how much I have taken out of this online experience.

 Diana Sileno    Touro College
EDSE 601Principles of Middle School Instruction in Mathematics in General and Special Education, Grades 5-9


            This class was a lot of fun.  It kept me thinking and introduced me to new topics.  I really enjoyed the just for fun exercises.  I learned more about impact, and everyday mathematics.  I thought they we were able to be creative when putting together our portfolios and I had fun doing it.  I was proud of the way that my portfolio came out and sad that I did not show anyone how it came out.  I had never taken an online course at Touro College, but I have taken online courses at The College of Staten Island.  They differed a little, but I enjoyed it.  I would definitely take another online course.  It was more then I had imagined because of the just for fun part and also because of the fact that I did interact with another classmate, which is something that I haven’t always done in an undergraduate course in a classroom.  This course was easy to follow

The online drawback of an online course can be that you are not able to see the progress and assignments that other students have done.  I’m sure many of us were proud of our portfolios, but we were not able to show them off.  I didn’t even get to show my father who I think would have liked to see it, because he was away.  I like online courses because you can work and read at a pace that is comfortable for you, and convenient.  I was very pleased with the way my work turned out and how much I was able to learn.  The best part of the course for me would have to be the knowledge that I walk away with and the fun I had doing it.  I will try to incorporate what I learned in my future teaching.  Even though I will not be teaching a math class, I would like to find websites that I can use for my students in the subject that I will teach.  One thing that I wish we could do is get back our portfolios, so that they can be used in job interviews, as an example to use in the classroom with our own students, and for those that may go on to a higher level position a guide in helping us construct portfolios for other classes.  Overall this class was a great experience
Diana Sileno

Doreen Magnani

Professor Stein:

I am sure I made clear my dislike of math. I was very intimidated about taking this course online - you gave me the courage to try it out - it was a lot of work, but I have to say I learned a lot and once I got over the hurdles of not accessing this online course in the traditional manner (like other online courses I have taken)I found it to be, well dare I say:
FUN! I still don't like math and will never be a math teacher, but I will absolutely be able to apply the methods that I learned in your class to my (hopefully) social studies class. Thank you for this unique experience.


Doreen Magnani,


 Anthony J Massone  

Ref: Reflections and Course Comments

 Dear Professor:

              I have found the above mentioned course (Principles of Middle School Instruction in Mathematics in General & Special Education) to have been wonderful, challenging, truly a worthwhile learning experience. I found this course brings teaching into the twenty-first century. It is the first course that I have taken in teaching that recognizes and demands the blending of technology with the core courses taught in middle school. In doing so we are able to grab the attention of students who are light years ahead of their educators in hands- on computer and new technology usage. The blending of electronic media and mathematics has always seemed like a natural fit and this course proves it.  For me it was also the way the course was structured that made it easy to follow. As an example, the mathematical content area assignments led the way to developing a lesson plan; which became a media event when a video of the lesson plan was developed. Every part of this course has been carefully planned for the student to produce a quality final product which is a video and a record portfolio which will be used as an assessment tool.

            What added to the genre of blending technology with teaching mathematics is participating in this course on line. This allowed me to experiment, under the professor’s guidance, the use of different hardware and web sites to instruct my special education students in middle school, in a way that holds their attention. To all those who have taught special ed students in middle school, holding their attention  is what it is all about. Because of the new challenges I experienced in this course, the past six on line courses I have taken seemed boring. Even though I would want to finish up my Masters program with online course I can only hope they be as well planned and developed as EDSE 601OL.

           The best part of this cause is that what I experienced and developed in my math lesson plan and video I used in my eighth grade resource room class. The students loved it so I will and have continued to use this teaching strategy for this special student population. I would like to personally thank you at this time for allowing me to participate in this wonderful class.

 Respectfully Yours,

Anthony J Massone  76z

P.S. I Got the Job!   

 Comments from Michael Cohen

 This is my fifth online class with Touro and I must say that this course was really unique. All of the other online courses were based around reading tons of literature and summarizing what you've read. The assignments for this course were diversified, challenging and fun. Just like a public school classroom teacher, college professors need to make their required assignments interesting and worthwhile.
I was very pleased with the format of this course. The assignments held my interest and I definitely learned a lot. Out of all the assignments, the videos were my favorite. I'm a visual learner and I found them to be really educational and easy to follow. Furthermore, I liked the fact that the assignments called for self expression and opinion. This makes the learner, especially those participating in an online class, feel as if their voice is important. Being that this is my last semester and I'm taking three other classes, I'm glad that I had the opportunity to take this course.

 Cohen, Michael  <>




Comments from Fall, 2005

This course rocked!! I have taken four other online classes and they were really uninteresting. Interestingly the professors spoke about connecting with students and yet they themselves did not model that.
Professor Stein, you have truly made good use of technology in your creation of this course. It is the first graduate class that I have taken that was practical. I thank you and my classmates for a wonderful experience. I would recommend this course to anyone, especially students looking to improve in the area of teacher creativity.

Thank you,
Nathalee Favia 57z

Prof. Stein,

Excellent, awesome, informative and definitely challenging in a fun way! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

J. Scala
I have taken more than 6 online courses and this was by far the most interesting and engaging... at times I wondered if I could keep up with the pace and remember to complete assignments on time, but I met the challenge... You definitely went above and beyond to prepare, plan, and execute a dynamic online course... Bravo Zulu to you, as they would say in the military!


Tracy Worthy
Touro Student


Dear Professor Stein,

Thank you very much for an interesting and worthwhile course.  This course is an experience that I will never forget because I learned a lot in a very unique and dynamic way.  The course was constructed in a way that was easy to follow.  There were many components to the course that everything was covered, for example, FAQ, Messages, Homework, and Assignment whereas anything I needed to know was accessible.  If the answer was not there for me, ABRITEGUY (you Professor Stein) was there to take a phone call to give the extra support needed.  The best part of this course was that I was able to express myself and be creative.  Most of the material that I have learned in this course, I am able to utilize throughout my teaching career.  The differentiated text, the videos and some of the problem solving games will be used.  I have taken four other online courses and there was none as interesting as this.  Yes I will take another online course but I do not think it will be as interesting as yours.    All I can say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and Thank you and I wish you would teach a course that I have not taken yet.  Keep up the good work because A Great Professor + A Great Professor = A Great Learning Experience and that is what I received.  (Smile).
With Respect,
 Gina Gill aka 52z

I felt apprehension at the beginning of the course. I am concerned whether I will be able to make it or not. The discussion board, the first time you view it, it is overwhelming. Too much, I said. I am crazy doing assignments from Friday to Tuesday, and a sigh of relief when I am able to pass on time for Wednesday. A day off from homeworks on Thursday and back to craziness again. After the portfolio was sent, I sighed a huge relief. I WAS ABLE TO MAKE IT!
The course is a great learning experience. Totally different from the other online course I have enrolled with. How?
INTERACTIVE - the message board for students to students is a great way to communicate with each other. Sometimes I just read questions and responses and I learned from them.
PERSONAL - Prof. S. though I don't see you but I know you are always hands on with us. Once a question is posted you do not hesitate to answer back. The question is asked and you need the answer right away, the response is there. It is nice knowing that you are not alone floating in space, someone is there to guide you.
ORGANIZED - as the week progress, somehow you will get a pattern and a rhythm. This makes it easier on my part as a working person, a student and a mother.

The best part for me is the video.
It is educational for me since I learned how to edit videos, use one software to the next so as to minimize memory. I learned how to compress a lesson and just give the essentials.

Thank you, professor for a planning out a good lesson for us this Fall of 2005. I learned a lot, indeed!

Millares, Maria Teresa Cabilao
Professor this course was excellent. This was my fifth online course and this was the best one. This course was interesting and innovative. This course enables one to express themselves, be creative, learn and have fun all at the same time. There was never a dull moment. With this course, it also helped me to become a computer whiz. You are an excellent Professor and this course is highly recommended. Kudos to you!!!!
Thank You.
Gina Gill aka 52z

Daisy Aaron 52z wrote both a review and a poem which follows:
This course taught me the true meaning of perseverance. I never did an online course before so i had no idea of how to pace myself and where my strengths and weaknesses were. This course answered these questions.

Professor Dan was very patient and understood what matters most to students and encouraged them to work. For this i am grateful. Much was new to me; the video production and the blackboard. I never really got the hang of it. At the end of this course i am beginning to get adjusted. I actually like to go online NOW to see what's new.

A great program. Keep up the good work Professor.

As I sit reflecting, thoughts run through my mind
Of how I got hooked to this course: ‘601 online’.
My final course. Last of all.
Out of Touro, by the end of fall. 

Oh no! oh no! this was my continuous song,
‘Lord help me, where did I go wrong?’
“Zee sixty two, your assignments are overdue”
While my in-class friends, their assignments are few.

Night turns to day and day turns to night
My professor’s warnings kept my bed out of sight.
I produced lesson plans, essays, videos and summaries on the run
All to complete my graduate program in education.

Daisy Aaron 52z

     When I first logged on to the class web site, I felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of
work and the tight timeline for the submission of assignments. I had taken a few on line courses during the spring semester and had become familiar with the blackboard web design. However, this course was quite different. After surfing around the site for a couple of hours, I began to get familiar with its design and layout. Then I started to become familiar with the required manner in which the homework assignments were to be submitted, which took a little time. But once I familiarized myself with it, I was off and running.
     I can honestly say, the course challenged me both technologically and academically. I enjoyed the various hyper links and their unique and entertaining aspects. My favorite had to be the reaction time challenge. My kids and I had a lot of fun with that assignment. The differentiated instruction text was an interesting and enjoyable read, which is definitely a keeper. I’m sure I will refer to it often to help provide me with insight, instruction and guidance. I’m presently working with a group of Aspergers students who have varying social and academic deficiencies, which makes the text quite valuable to have around.
     The first few assignments caused me to reflect on my past educational experiences, which forced me to question my present educational values and goals. When I considered who my favorite teacher was, I had to question myself as to why he had such an impact on my life and what made him so different from the rest of my teachers. This in turn allowed me to consciously make an effort to try to emulate some the qualities that made him such a great teacher. I think, for better or worse, we often fall into a specific pattern of teaching. It is then necessary for us to take a step back and reflect on what we‘re trying to achieve and how we’re going about meeting our goals. I think, in total, that this course has made me a more complete and efficient teacher.
Peter J. Smith (59z)


Dearest Professor Stein,
                 For me there were many parts of the course that I enjoyed. However I especially enjoyed the way you calmed my fears, the videos and the textbook

            I have learned so much from EDSE 601, by both you and the wonderful students that are in this class. Before registering for EDSE 601 I was a little fearful because Mathematics has never been my forte for two reasons:  firstly I do not enjoy it because it was never taught in a manner that sparked my interests in it and secondly I have never been able to understand it. You have helped me to throw those two reasons out of the window. For the first time in my life Math did not terrify me and that is because of the variety of tools he uses to teach this class and the simplicity with which he teaches. I only wish that I was able to have a teacher like you sooner in my educational career.

            The videos that we saw in this class on topics such as algebra, geometry and linear equations were executed very well. These videos taught me concepts and material that I have always had a problem with in a matter of a half an hour. I would definitely employ such technology in my classroom. The textbook How to differentiate instruction for mixed-ability classrooms was excellent. The text is practical in that it applies to any subject area and I plan to keep it as a handbook to use in my career. The text is designed in such a way that each chapter begins with theories in education and is infused with real-life experiences of teachers who have employed those theories in their classroom. So many times textbooks are a waste of money to buy because they are more of a scholarly journal than a guide with helpful suggestions, thus it was refreshing to read, How to differentiate instruction for mixed-ability classrooms.

            I have taken four other classes on-line and by far EDSE 601 with you has been the best. This is my last Semester at Touro College, next semester I will only be taking the practicum, so it was nice to end it on such a high note. Professor Stein I thank you for taking such time to create a wonderful online experience. My only hope is that our paths cross again at another time. I wish you continued success.   
Nathalee Favia

Comments from Summer, 2005

Good evening Prof. Stein,
How are you today?  I think you for all the time you have taken to mentor me.  You are such an inspiration for me.  You are definitely one of the great
Prof. I had the pleasure to have taken a class with.  I must admit that I learned a lot from you both in math and definitely in technology. 
Remember late June, I was so down, so frustrated and there you were taking your precious time away from your family to guide me, to lead me to what I thought was an obstacle.  With your help, I learned that there was no obstacle I couldn't overcome.  Of course you were so right.  I was more scared than anything.  No words can really express my gratitude and my appreciation.
Even at the end, when I explained my dilemma to you about getting my grade right away to fax to court street, to my surprise, the grade is already posted.  From a distance I can get to do what I need to do to prepare myself for the next school year.  Again, you are making it quite easy for me. 
I wish you all the best, and a healthy end of summer.  I am sure you will be an inspiration to many more.
Thank you so much!
Beaulieu, Alberte

Wow! it is over, I can't believe it. Even though this class started out slow, I think I pretty much got the hang of tools necessary to get this job complete. Professor Stein you were great and patient with me. Thank you. I would not have thought that I would be able to complete all these assignments, but I see I got to the bottom of it. Even though my video is not posted on the computer, I do have it on tape. I hope that even though Professor Stein would have already seen it, I still hope it can be posted. This class taught me a lot about technology. There were some standards that I also learned about Math. Anyone who is afraid to take this class online, go ahead and give it a try, it is not that hard as it seems.

Stone, Wendy

EDSE 601 was the first online course I had ever taken, I had never used blackboard before either. When Professor Stein called me and gave me the introduction over the phone I was completely overwhelmed. I was contemplating dropping the course because of all the work that was required. I was taking 9 credits this summer and was not ready for a course that asked so much. I printed out my assignments and suddenly the work didn’t look so bad. I spoke with classmates and completed each assignment one by one. Suddenly I was moving forward and didn’t even realize it. I have learned that I am way more capable than what I give myself credit for. The streamline videos were very useful. I catch them on television sometimes and plan to record them. I have also found out that they are available in a variety of subjects, not just math. The course is now over and I have learned that I can do many things. Because I have completed this course I am now enrolling in an online course for the fall semester. I am also anxious to see who will get the “math position” in the prestigious school. Good luck everyone!

Raquel Berry

I was very nervous before I began taking this course. I had never taken an online course before.  I have not had too much experience with computers. I know how to use the internet, e-mail, and word processing. I did not know how to make my own folder and send documents. My biggest fear was transferring the video to a computer and submitting it. I look back now and I really can’t believe how easy everything was.

     I am very happy that I took this course. I would like to take another one, although now I have completed all of the requirements for my New York State Math certification. The course was very easy to follow. Prof. Stein was very supportive and was always there to answer my questions. I enjoyed interacting with the other students via e-mail, instant messaging and phone conversations. They were also a big help when I needed certain questions answered. The only drawback of this class was that I was not able to meet the other students in person and work with them. I live in Staten Island and worked all summer and it was very difficult to meet with them because everyone lived far from me. It would have been nice to work on the video with someone, but time and distance would not allow it. The major benefit of this class was that I was able to work on my own time and at my own pace. I did not have to worry about traveling to Touro and being under the pressure of being there at a specific time. I was able to complete the work at anytime that I wanted to, even at 2 A.M. in the morning if I couldn’t sleep.

     This class did allow us to use our own creativity. We were able to be creative when making our video. At first I felt funny about dressing up or being silly. I decided to be a fairy/princess and dress up in my sister’s prom dress, put silver tinsel around my neck, head, and arms, and make a wand out of aluminum foil and cardboard. I laughed after watching it, but I was happy with the final product. I was also able to be creative when I made my portfolio. I enjoyed using the page borders and clip art to decorate my pages. I also enjoyed going to Michael’s Craft Store and picking out the pre-made papers that I had also used
Jennifer Hennigan


Comments from Students - Fall, 2004

See a video of Sue Fitzgerald. Sue considered herself techno phobic. She considered dropping the course before it started. Please view her comments upon course completion.
Fitzgerald, Sue

This class is one of the best I have ever taken! It was definitely the best online class. The rest were so boring! This class enabled me to use my creativity and extend what I've learned to the classroom. My professor was inspiring, he was enthusiastic, so much so, it was contagious. Sometimes the assignments were confusing because the discussion board differed from the assignments page. Once I got the hang of how to put the heading into Word it was relatively easy. I guess, in a way, I wish I had taken this class face to face. Our first class in the city made me realize how exciting the class would be with a teacher who is so dynamic but the commute was too far. I am planning on taking another online class but do not expect it to be as good as this one. The bar has been raised too high.
Tom, Jayne

Taking this class was such an adventure because of the way it was designed. Beside learning how to enhance mathematic instructions via technology, how to make learning math fun to students, and so on, I was able to expand my computer skills and be as creative as I could putting my portfolio together. This is not my first online class at Touro College and I will be back next semester to take others. But this one made such a positive impact on the way I see mathematics; that is, it has reduced my "mathophobic attitude" and as changed the way I will approach a mixed-ability classroom from now on.
The online class empowers students to be accountable for their own performance, it requires more self-discipline than a traditional "face-to-face" class, which I believe is one of the most important aspect of online classes. EDSE 601 was a great class I enjoyed the challenge.

Thank you Prof. Stein
Miller, Marjorie Nerath

I had fun in this course. 
What was difficult for me was juggling my time and trying to figure out how many new assignments would pop up on the Discussion Board, and when they'd pop up. 
I also felt very challenged by the video assignment. 
This course forced me to pay attention to naming conventions, and it took me awhile to "get it" but eventually I did.
I also had to learn how to structure a lesson in a 1:00 minute format, which forced me to strip the lesson down to its bare bones, which was really valuable. 
I also learned how to use my new video camera; how to input video to the computer and how to send it; how to attach replies to a thread to form a file; and I was forced to assemble a portfolio that I probably otherwise would never have had the discipline to do. 
This course was NOT EASY and it was a LOT OF WORK but, in hindsight, I'm glad I took it. Professor Stein has a manic energy to him that I can identify with; he throws a wide variety of tasks at you and you either swim or you sink and then swim later. One of the best aspects of this course was the fact that we were grouped into groups and had to turn to each other before going to the professor. This helped offset the sometimes "alone" feeling that can come up in on-line courses. I wish that I'd been more proficient before the course in computer stuff, but I learned what I had to learn in order to get the job done. Professor Stein has a sense of humor and anyone taking this course with him should bring one, too! I have to say, too, that I was pleasantly surprised how well people's teaching videos looked, in general. It's not easy to teach a lesson in that time span, much less handle the tech of setting things up and being on camera. I thought this course pushed us to do our best and we exceeded my idea of what that best was.
I also was relieved to find that, despite my worst fears, my brain - after some slow starts and "huh? - was able to do math again, after several decades of not doing much math at all. Bottom line on this course? You're going to put a lot in, and you're going to get a lot out!

Daley, Don

Ok, I have to be honest... In the beginning I honestly thought this class was going be the death of me, but I really had Soooo much fun doing everything. I think the way You (Professor Stein) put together this course was brilliant! The way that whatever the assignment may be, it all was needed for the final portfolio. 
I think the way that this class was structured was perfect. It wasn't to difficult to understand. I don't think that because the class was an on-line class made it harder in any way. It was different. The teacher was always there for questions, and the class was very good at getting in touch with on another. (i did get a couple of phone calls for advice!) i would definitely recommend this class for anyone. i loved the way that we were able to let our "creative" side out!! it really was a great ride.

Thank you Professor Stein!

Fuchs, Dina