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There are known incompatibilities between Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Vista and Blackboard.

Should you experience a problem of not being able to write a response in BB Discussion Board (student side) or not being able to create hyperlinks in BBDB try installing the FREE browser Firefox from Mozilla (FIREFOX LINK). Remember to restart your computer after fully installing Firefox. Good Luck!

EXCEL: Learn how to create a list of column names that remains viewable as you add many rows... Freeze Pane - More

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GREAT for EARLY Grades 
Animal sound lotto
Snow Globe
 Colors have meaning
Learn to Read - Starfall
Make an animal - Switchzoo
Make a Word K-2
Welcome to The Emaginatorium at ITHS
Hear Albert Einstein
See 3 D
Science "Senses" Quiz
Christmas Card
Happy New Year
Importance of being Bilingual

Translate websites into other languages

BEWARE-What's Wrong with the Picture?
Driver's License Info ONLINE!
Pythagorean Theorem (Prof. Stein)
Telephone Instructions
Free Tel Information
1-800-FREE-411 The Mona Lisa

Wanted Poster
Neon Sign Generator
Asc II text image converter
Sign Generator

Magic Tricks

Free Flash Banners/Logos
Sand Fantasy
Jukebox Review
SUBJECT WEBSITES Algebra Worksheet Generator
SAT Mathpro
- Sample video / percent
Math Facts (+,-,*,/)
Regents Prep
Algebra Help

Mathematician Research Link

Not yet tried
Quia free 30 days- test review

German car oil video ad - Not for the faint of heart
Talking Dogs  Google Video
Best Trained Dog Ever

Confusing math division

- Google video


Click the picture

Abbot and Costello 2007
Talking Dogs
Teach alliteration
Gracie on dependents
Gracie phone
Mike - Proxy
Webworksite: Tutorials Flash, Photoshop.,
FrontPage and more
Gifs for banners

Adobe Acrobat Professional - links
Adobe Forms

Zamzar Convert a video on a website
Front Page Tips
Print Screen (Full Screen) Tutorial
Print Screen (Open Window) Tutorial

Translate this site

English to Arabic   English to Chinese (Simplified)   English to Chinese (Traditional)   English to French
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 Google Earth

Here is a photograph of the Whitehouse from space. You can probably find your house as well!. Photographs are NOT in real time.

You will need to download a file first to run the program. The program only works with the latest computers running WIndows XP. Please get permission from your parent first.

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Create your own demonstrations with this great program!


Macromedia Captivate Free Trial (at bottom of page)
   "See and Hear " Prof. Stein Teach the Pythagorean Theorem

   QCC students Project 1
   QCC students Project 2

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Cheap Gas


Type in your zip code and find a gas station with cheap gas!

WiFi Connections


Find a place near you with a wireless Internet connection. Type in an address and Voila!

Translate websites into other languages

My website is now in Spanish!



Google Translates TOO!



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yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!


  Can you read this?

  Professor Stein still believes that spelling counts!


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 Traffic Cams Real Time


See traffic cameras in Real Time. Cool


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 Housing Maps


 Find listings of apartments for sale or rent across the nation....Cool!

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2 + 4 = 6

 Road Sign Math


See examples...You can submit your own also!!


 Copycat Recipes


 Duplicate famous restaurant recipes


 Try the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle

List in 2 columns and see if you can find a formula (y=     ), as we did with linear equations, for any number of disks!
     X                         Y
# of Disks           # of Moves to transfer

1                       __
2                       __
3                       __
4                       __
5                       __
6                       __


Reaction Time Graphing


Reaction Time-

Construct a linear graph of  your reaction time in a baseball setting.

First make an X Y table (X = the number of the attempt (1-10), and Y= time in seconds.


 Does your reaction time improve as you play? Discuss the exercise, possible use with students in General and Special Education to teach Mathematics in this discussion board forum

Math Videos


Videos on teaching Math
Make your own License Plate


Guess the plate

More are coming!
Have a sight that I should include?