Multimedia Tutorials - EDMA 625

Watch each multimedia presentation below, to see how best to complete assignments and submit assignment. See how a student with student number 17z would accomplish these tasks. These tutorials were created for Touro College students. Please use your "y" number which can be found on the 620 Students link on the left.

Multimedia Tutorials -EDIT 620

As of Spring 2008 we will use as our web host.

Below is for prior students

Computer and web expertise takes understanding and practice. It is often frustrating, and very rarely is done correctly the first time.

Each host should have a 24/7 support department usually via an online chat. Use them if you need assistance. You have paid for it!

Publish your FrontPage Website to a FrontPage Host Server (with Frontpage Extensions)

Startlogic publishing tutorials from a good host
Tutorials for different programs (Dreamweaver, FrontPage, GoLive) and more

How to use FrontPage to FTP-

Things to know